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Chamber – Ripping/Pulling/Tearing

I never heard of this band before. Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee; Chamber, a five-piece hardcore band, gives it a full one-hundred percent when I started their first track ‘Replacing Every Weakness’.

It gave me that early 2000’s hardcore vibe with a splash of The Dillinger Escape Plan’s prog-tech feel. It’s fast, with weird noises in the riffs you’d only expect in tech-bands. The breakdown is really nice. A bit too short in my opinion but, that’s ofcourse common with good breakdowns.

The title track is actually a good name for a song that sounds like this. It gives you a good eerie feeling without the use of lyrical content. The song blends nicely into ‘Every Blade’, which makes me want to mosh immediately. But also makes me listen better to the production side of the album. It sounds really nice so far and I think this band can sound almost the same live. Which is a good thing in my opinion.

‘In Search of Truth’. Another “in your face track”. This machine of a band can not and will stop with crushing riffs and AK-47 type blastbeats.

The song ‘Skin’ is actually the first song that gives me a hardcore vibe as I know it nowadays. It is a bit more melodic but still energized as fuck! The breakdown is on point and is a bit of a beatdown-type breakdown which is followed by a hardcore riff again. The most interesting track so far, to me.

‘Final Shape’ starts off a bit weird but then grooves away like some of the other tracks on the album. The track is really great for crowdkilling and moshing of course. It is nasty, it grooves and it is weird. Just great work.

‘Vessel’ entered my ears like a true vessel and couldn’t stop bobbing my head. I really like the slow groove, wich actually reminded me a bit of The Acacia Strain’s ‘Tactial Nuke’. Slow, but fuckin’ heavy!

‘Severed’, again an old-school hardcore intro and verse. The guitar then took it away with that nice dissonance and melted my face. And when the breakdown came, I felt the adrenaline pumping again!!

The lyrical content is something that varies from personal issues, religious views and perceptions in life. These are the three subject I love to hear from metalbands these days. I also think that the lyrical content for this album is a story in it’s whole. But I am not sure if it supposed to be a concept album. Overall I really like the lyrical content and it really fits the music.

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This album is of course not for everyone. But it sounds really good, the band plays really well and the balance between prog and hardcore is really good!

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