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Interview with Tarah Who?

Tarah Who? is a Los Angeles based rock group made up out of three artists, Tarah Carpenter (TGC), the mastermind, vocalist and guitarist of the group, Bassist and backup vocalist Joey Southern (JS) and drummer and backup vocalist Coralie Hervé (CH). This power trio play 1990’s inspired grunge punk that fits in anywhere between Alanis Morisette and The Distillers. They have released two full-length albums, two EPs and a single and have been covered on many outlets before. With their European tour approaching they took the time to answer some of our questions by email!

Q1: Tarah Who? is a band from Paris and LA, its described as Cowpunk Rock Alternative Grunge on your facebook page, but could you tell us in your own words who Tarah Who? Are?

TGC: We are a power trio based in Los Angeles. We play fast paced Rock that ranges from punk, to alternative, country, garage, grunge etc… People need a label and it is hard for us to describe our genre of music. Not because of an identity crisis 🙂 , but because we play with our feelings. Those emotions come out and make our sound pretty loud and intense but we don’t fit in one category.

Q2: Tell us where you get your inspiration from?

TGC: Everything, everyone, life. People, psychology, behaviors, fascinate me. Most topics that usually put me in a state of sadness or anger end up as a song. Terrorist attacks, break ups, betrayals etc

JS : Personally I draw inspiration from other bass players I see live. I am fortunate to live within walking distance of a few venues and go out to see living legends play when I can from Mike Watt to Janek Gwizdala.

Q3: What’s your favorite genre/type of music to listen to and who are your favorite artists?

CH : My favorite band is Nightwish, a symphonic metal band from Finland, I love this genre !!! I love bands like Sabaton, Beast in Black …

TGC: I like anything that s played with a passion or sincere. I love the Distillers, L7 , RATM, but I also can appreciate some country and some pop music for a change of anger and with a few cocktails 🙂 you know.. get the party goin’ 🙂 I like to have fun. 🙂
JS : My favorite music is rock. Anything from Tool to Motörhead.

Q4: When it comes to writing and composing, how do you start and work out new songs?

CH : Tarah send us the demos and describe the feel and emotion that we should have to play each songs. We have the main groove and ideas and she go from there, adding our own touch.

TGC: Yeah pretty much… So I write the songs and make a demo by playing all of the instruments. When that is done, we meet at rehearsal to go over the song a few times and the things i could not play or that I am able to hear now because I am not playing, arrange on the spot. It is very nice nad easy to work with Joey and Coralie. They have a great attitude and know their instruments. We go really fast.

JS : Yes, once I get the demo track I listen to it on repeat and work out the meat of the tune at home. Then at rehearsal we iron out the details and it evolves into our live performance.

Q5: You released an album in May on 2019, 64 Women, what can people who aren’t familiar with your music expect when listening to it?

CH : There is different styles in this EP, so I’ll say that everybody should find a song that they like hahaha.

TGC: Authentic Rock’n Roll 🙂 Just keep an open mind, and usually if people don’t really understand us in the beginning ( because we are not mainstream verse chorus verse chorus break chorus end..) people might not “understand”our music right away. Usually people come out to our shows and then are hooked and want more. 🙂

JS : From start to finish the EP really captures the essence of Tarah Who? today.

Q6: Is 64 Women different from your previous ones? How so

TGC: Yes because the music has been recorded by the current line up and we have recorded the drums with Thomas Lang and then moved the tracks to Jason’s ( Alanis Morissette ) for the guitars, vocals and bass. but it is not different in a way that It was written the same way. It is still autobiographical, and we don’t follow any writing rules in order to please a particular audience. Jason has done an amazing job mixing the EP, and what different too, is the maturity of the writing probably. I mean I started writing when I was 18… This is 16 years later.

Q7: What’s your favorite track from 64 Women and why?

CH : Copycat is a cool song to play, there is different parts which are fun to play.

JS : “Copycat” because be yourself!!!

TGC: I can’t really pick a song. They all have a different meaning to me. It ‘s like picking your favorite pet or child..!

Q8 What can an audience expect at a live show of Tarah Who?

CH : A raw, heavy sound and have fun and being entertain.

TGC: We like to entertain people and interact with our fans. You can expect an authentic Rock’n Roll show. bring some earplugs!

JS: Its a touch of this and that, reminding you of the grunge years and the countless sub genres stretching to and beyond rock. Most importantly it is a breath of fresh air, original and meaningful. Every note played with a specific purpose and intention from dynamically soft to chaotically hard and that is evident in Tarah’s guitar strumming. I have had fingers bleed as well over time, however Tarah’s fingers continue to bleed from constantly thrashing. Tarah drives Coralie and I to play harder and louder than ever before. We play hard, we play loud and we play with purpose!!!

Q9: What would you advice young musicians, who are just starting out. Something you wished you knew when starting out?

CH : Do what you love even if other people told you not to.

TGC: Trust your guts! But you know what, I would have never become as confident if it wasn’t for all of my experiences. So just stay focused and KNOW deep down what you want to sound like. don’t waste your time trying to sound like someone else.

JS : Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Learn from transcribing your favorite players and play along with the songs!!!

Q10: We expect it’s easier to reach people around the world but that also means that you’re music is up for grabs on the internet. Are there any challenges you face as an artist, especially in the digital time we are in now?

TGC: The challenge is to stand out and entertain people on social media. To keep them interested I am pretty old school. I have to see people and connect personally. Social media makes you a little addicted to your phone and not be in the present with the people who actually are around you. but if you don’t do it.. then ..’others’ don’t know and might think nothing is happening!

Q11: Any last words to your fans and our readers?

CH : Hope to see some of you on the road !!!

TGC: Yes! check us out, we will be touring in Europe in September, the south in October. Much more to come! and check out our new music video:

JS : See you on the road!!!

Interested in catching them live?
They have one European show coming up

Saturday 21 September 2019
Tarah Who?
with Yur Mum
Le Barde Atomique, Ecquevilly, France
Get your tickets here once they go online

Credit: Tarah Who?
Stencil Mag/Rogue PR

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