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Back in 2004, right in the height of the Emo-Punk era HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS came out with their song Ohio Is For Lovers and these guys were an immediate hit with their song. On July 15th they released a new single; Dads of Sad. This is the first new music release since their album ” in 2018, with the release of Dads of Sad, they’re also getting ready to tour for their 15 year anniversary for the iconic album The Silence In Black And White alongside the band Emery who also hit the same anniversary for their album The Weak’s End.

The full length Album “Bad Frequencies” already gave us a view of how they grew as a band and still remain to stay strong in their genre, which they do well. Still bringing their fans back to 2004 with every new song they bring out. This single shows how the band isn’t afraid of stepping away from their Emo brand as both songs on this cd are covers of popular pop songs but seen through their eyes. The band chose two songs which probably makes a lot of people wonder why the hell they chose pop songs as an Emo/Rock band, for them the answer is simple.

“So much has changed in that span of time, some better, some worse, but we try not to let anything hold us back. The best part of music for me is reaching beyond borders and boundaries. Blurring the lines within a strange industry and marketplace is what keeps your blood pumping after all this time.” Says JT Woodruff

“A lot of people are probably going to ask, why the hell is this band covering extremely current pop songs that sound nothing like their band. The answer is pretty simple. We tweeted at Kacey, just wondering if she had ever listened to us back in the day. And she tweeted some of our lyrics back to us. We thought it was pretty bad ass that musicians in different genres are still connected. Billie Eilish was a similar scenario. She posted a video of her breakdancing to NikiFM, and thought it was super cool. Both of these are very talented artists, who represent the most current side of pop music. Both sound nothing like what we are used to writing. We thought it was a great exercise in trying to make their happy pop songs sound like sad Emo songs.”



Butterflies (originally by Kacey Musgraves)
The original version of this song is quite poppy, cutesy, but laid back. HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS gave it a slower beat with a softer voice, channeling a sadder sound than Kacey does. I feel like both versions are beautiful in their own way.  The cover feels extremely intimate and romantic.

8 (originally by Billie Eilish)
Billie Eilish is the type of artist who speaks to the young crowd but also the more alternative crowd already into music for a longer time. Her original version of the song is also slow but with a Ukelele. She chose this because her first ever song was written on Ukelele. It starts in a cutesy high pitched voice before she goes into her soft beautiful voice. The song is about unrequited love, the feeling I feel HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS really caught this vibe and it’s perfect for the broken hearted among us.

Shutter Result
I would absolutely listen to these songs again, I actually already put them in my spotify play list and I’m very curious about the upcoming music.

Stream the album and single on Spotify, Apple Music and their own homepage

For more information and concert tickets for the upcoming tour:

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