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Thy Art Is Murder – Human Target

thy art is murder

If there is one Deathcore band that has evolved a lot, it is the Aussies from Thy Art Is Murder. Their latest album ‘Human Target’ has just been released through ‘Nuclear Blast Records’ and is the band’s 5th studio album. And of course I had to give it a spin.

Opening with the title track, which I heard and saw before because they made a video for this, ‘Human Target’ immediately caught me by the throat. As I only saw the video once and actually kind of forgot the track. Without the video playing, of course, it gives you a different feel. A good feel. Something I haven’t felt since ‘Hate’.

‘New Gods’ is the second track on the album and it once again shows why this band is still in the game of deathcore. The riffs, the drumming and CJ’s vocal delivery is refreshing, hard and filthy. They never go over their capability, but still it is more brutal then their latest release ‘Dear Desolation’.

‘Death Squad Anthem’ is a more groovy track than the first two. And I like that. It gives the listener’s ear a bit of rest because of the amount and length of blast beats in the first two tracks. I don’t know if this has something to do with their new drummer Jesse Beahler (Jungle Rot, Black Crown Initiate, Rings Of Saturn). This track in particular shows, in my opinion, the technicality of this drummer and maybe makes us forget about Lee Stanton, who is a beast of a drummer. I just don’t know. Because I am no drummer. I like ’em both.

Next up is my personal favorite track on the album: ‘Make America Hate Again’. The riffs, groovy beats and the vocal delivery is so good. Of course I heard the track when I watched the video but, the thing is that the political subject in the lyrics are catching my attention. Again. Since ‘Holy War’ CJ sings a lot about political matters and how the world is suffering under it. Something that is not discussed enough.

‘Eternal Suffering’ actually reminded me of the last track on their ‘Dear Desolation’ album: ‘The Final Curtain’. I don’t like that. I combined the opening minute of both tracks and I think it sounds a bit the same. Try it yourself. On the other hand: after the first minute, plowing through ‘Eternal Suffering’ I was happily surprised with the blas tbeats and heavy riffage by guitarists Sean Delander and Andy Marsh. Apart from the intro, I really like the songs evolvement from grooves into heaviness into grooving.

human target album cover

Track number 6 is ‘Welcome Oblivion’. is a beast of a track. It really goes as a machine, with a good groove halfway and at the end of the song.

‘Atonement’ is next up. It has grooves, blast beats, a wonderful vocal delivery and a good vibe at the bridge. The breakdown is really good and slow. Just as you’d expect from these guys.

‘Voyeurs into Death’ shows CJ McMahon’s vocal evolvement. His growls are heavier then expected and the bands playing has a good balance between heavy grooving and heavy blast beat grooving.

‘Eye for an Eye’ again shows that CJ is one of the emperors when it comes to delivery in vocals. But he is still growing. He does things that he hasn’t done on any other of the four previous albums. I am not going to say what, you just have to listen to it yourself!

‘Chemical Christ’ is a good closer for this album. It again shows that this band will continue playing for years to come. The band’s sound peaks at this track. Of course throughout the whole album but I believe that it sounds like all the tracks of this album combined into one.

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This band has grown a lot since ‘Dear Desolation’ and even more since ‘The Adversary’ (which is my personal favorite album by them). Thy Art Is Murder is still one of the biggest bands in their genre and I believe, that with this new drummer they will have a lot of fun and profit from him. He makes the band sound even better (with all respect for Lee Stanton!).
‘Human Target’ is a good Thy Art Is Murder album but definitely not their best. I think their best album, with this drummer on board, has yet to come.

So if you haven’t already, you should go listen to their newest album on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube or go to their website for anything else you need!

Thy Art Is Murder Tour
This Australian gem is on tour right now in Europe, check below for a date near you and click below to get your tickets.

Friday August 2nd 2019
Wacken Open Air
Wacken, Germany

Saturday August 3rd 2019
Open Air Gränichen
Granichen, Switzerland

Monday August 5th 2019
Kasematten – Schlossbergbühne
Graz, Austria

Tuesday August 6th 2019
Refinery Gallery
Bratislava-mesto, Slovakia

Wednesday August 7th 2019
U Bazyla
Poznan, Poland

Thursday August 8th 2019
Brutal Assault Festival
Jaromer, Czech Republic

Friday August 9th 2019
Alcatraz Festival
Kortrijk, Belgium

Saturday August 10th 2019
Bloodstock Open Air
Derby, United Kingdom

Sunday August 11th 2019
Patronaat, Kleine zaal
Haarlem, Netherlands

Monday August 12th 2019
Tower Musikclub
Bremen, Germany

Tuesday August 13th 2019
Gottingen, Germany

Wednesday August 14th 2019
AJZ Chemnitz
Chemnitz, Germany

Thursday August 15th 2019
Club Vaudeville
Lindau (bodensee), Germany

Friday August 16th 2019
Summer Breeze
Dinkelsbuhl, Germany

Saturday August 17th 2019
The Ultimate Summerblast Festival
Trier, Germany

For tickets go to

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